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Geriatric Physiotherapy

At Proactive Physiotherapy Melbourne, we recognize the importance of tailored care for our senior community. Our Geriatric Physiotherapy services are crafted with a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by older adults. Whether you prefer in-clinic sessions or the convenience of home visits at independent living or aged care facilities, our compassionate team is here to support your journey to improved mobility and overall well-being.

Why Choose Proactive Geriatric Physiotherapy?

1. Specialized Care for Seniors: Proactive Physiotherapy is dedicated to providing specialized care that addresses the unique health concerns associated with aging. We approach each individual with sensitivity, respect, and a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for our senior clients.

2. In-Clinic Services: Our clinic is equipped with modern facilities to cater to the needs of our senior clients. From joint mobility exercises to balance training, our in-clinic geriatric physiotherapy services focus on promoting independence, reducing pain, and enhancing overall mobility.

3. Home Visits: Recognizing the comfort and convenience of receiving care at home, our geriatric physiotherapy services extend to home visits. Whether you reside in an independent living facility or a residential aged care facility, our therapists bring the same level of expertise and compassion to your doorstep, ensuring you receive the care you need in a familiar environment.

4. Fall Prevention: Falls can be a significant concern for older adults, leading to injuries and a decline in confidence. Our geriatric physiotherapy programs include targeted fall prevention strategies, incorporating exercises to improve balance, strength, and coordination, ultimately reducing the risk of falls.

5. Pain Management and Arthritis Care: As we age, managing chronic pain and conditions such as arthritis becomes essential. Our physiotherapists work with you to develop personalized plans that focus on pain relief, joint mobility, and improving overall function, allowing you to maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

A Holistic Approach to Senior Well-Being:

At Proactive Physiotherapy Melbourne, we believe in empowering our senior community to lead active, independent lives. Whether you choose in-clinic sessions or the convenience of home visits, our geriatric physiotherapy services are designed to enhance mobility, alleviate discomfort, and promote overall well-being.

Take the proactive approach to senior health with Proactive Physiotherapy. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or discuss home visit options, and let us be your trusted partner on the path to a healthier and more mobile life.

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